What was YouthPolitik?

YouthPolitik was the City of Vancouver’s civic education and civic leadership development program for young Vancouverites, developed and delivered in partnership with the Vancouver School Board, the Vancouver District Student Council and other community partners.

The program was offered from 2006 to 2012, was FREE to participants, and open to all Vancouver residents between the ages of 15 and 20.

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What happened in YouthPolitik?

In YouthPolitik, participants explored how our City’s government works and important issues that our city faces. They built leadership skills and got a hands-on experience in local governance, politics and project development.

YouthPolitik participants spoke up about issues that matter to them, worked with community leaders, put leadership skills into practice and joined a great team of active young community leaders from all over Vancouver.

Participants took part in a variety of workshops, interactive games and field trips such as…

  • Interactive sessions with elected officials, City staff and community leaders

  • Explorations of local government and pressing local issues such as Urban sustainability, Multiculturalism and diversity, Housing and homelessness, etc. 

  • Skill-building workshops on topics, such as Public speaking, Debating, Project development, Fundraising, Communication strategies, etc.

  • Opportunities for participants to develop their own proposals for youth-led projects to create meaningful change in their communities

  • Opportunities to present these proposals to elected offici als, City staff and community organizers for feedback and possible collaboration

  • Connections to get involved in municipal government and the community

  • Events & activities as YouthPolitik alumni

YouthPolitik ws offered in three different formats − a 3½ month semester, a 2½ day conference and customized workshops. Participants chose for themselves which format was right for them.

YouthPolitik Semesters

These were YouthPolitik offered in 3½ month format. In a YouthPolitik Semester, up to 80 Vancouver residents aged 15-20 took part in weekly evening sessions. They participated together in civic education workshops; explored social, environmental, economic and cultural issues facing Vancouver; developed & practiced leadership skills; and worked together to develop project ideas. Semester participants also had opportunities to work with elected officials and other community leaders through special events such as role-playing City Council, Park Board and School Board.

To see photos from the 2006 YouthPolitik program, click here.

YouthPolitik Conferences

These were condensed YouthPolitik offered in a 2-day conference format, offering a selection of civic education, urban issues, communication skills and project leadership skills workshops for up to 200 Vancouver residents aged 15-20.

YouthPolitik Workshops

Customized community workshops allowed youth who didn't feel comfortable in large group settings or youth who can't easily access either formats an opportunity to still be part of the program in a meaningful way that was adapted to fit their needs.