Present to Council and Other Boards

There are many ways to contribute your voice to municipal issues. Check out Citizen Involvement on the main City of Vancouver website.

You can also present to City Council, Park Board, School Board and other Civic Boards and Commissions at one of their meetings. To find out more, please read on…

Presenting to Vancouver City Council

Anyone may ask to speak to Council. If you do so, you’ll be called a “delegation”.

You can only speak about an item that is on the Agenda for that particular Council meeting and you must sign up in advance to request to speak.

Council does not normally hear from the public at Regular Meetings of Council, held on Tuesday afternoons. If members of the public would like to speak on an agenda item, they will usually be heard at one of the three Standing Committees of Council at which the topic is scheduled to be discussed at greater length.

To learn more about the types of meetings held at City Hall, how to sign up to speak, what to bring, and tips for presenting to Council… click here.

Presenting to the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

The Park Board generally holds public board meetings every two weeks. Most meetings take place at the Park Board Administration Office, but each year, a few are held out at community centres in neighbourhoods across Vancouver. In addition, two committees of the Board - Services and Budgets, and Planning and Environment - generally meet once a month.

To register to speak at meetings about a topic on that particular agenda, please call 604.257.8451 before noon on the day of the meeting. Refer to their Guidelines for Delegations for communicating with the Park Board at public meetings and to get a sense of what to expect pre-meeting, at the meeting and how to deal with non-agenda items.

Presenting to the Vancouver Board of Education

Vancouver Board of Education and Standing Committee meetings are open to the public. Delegations may be heard by either the Board or one of its Standing Committees. A delegation wishing to appear must submit to the Secretary-Treasurer or the Board's recorders a request in writing whether they wish to appear before the Board or one of its Standing Committees, the matter(s) they wish to bring before the trustees and, if a brief is to be presented, a copy of the brief and the name of the spokesperson for the delegation. For further information on procedures to follow when presenting to the board or a standing committee, please click here.

Presenting to the Vancouver Public Library Board

Vancouver Public Library Board meetings are held monthly and members of the public and delegations are welcome to attend. Any person or organization wishing to appear before the Library Board as a delegation first needs to appear before the appropriate Committee. Please call 604.331.4003 to request to speak at either. Click here for more info.