Past Projects


City of Vancouver Youth Recognition Awards

The City of Vancouver Youth Recognition Awards program is currently in hiatus, for revamping and for building partnerships in order to ensure that this important program can continue well into the future. Please check back for updates.

Since 2005, the City of Vancouver has had annual Youth Recognition Awards. Each year, awards were presented in different categories to recognize positive contributions to Vancouver’s youth community. Award recipients included individual youth, adult allies, youth programs, youth groups and youth organizations. Each year, there was also a special recognition award, like Excellence in Diversity or Environmental Excellence.

Click here to see a video, produced in 2006, to learn more about this past program.

Past City of Vancouver Youth Recognition Award recipients



Partners at Work

Partners at Work was a joint venture between the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver School Board. In this program, for two weeks, grade 11 and 12 Career Preparation students worked at various City worksites to gain valuable work experience that helped them make more informed decisions about their future careers.

Started in response to the Civic Youth Strategy's recommendation to provide opportunities for youth in the City, Partners at Work was able to offer 70 work placements to the high school students in 1995. The program steadily grew, offering up to 140 placements in 2004.

This program is currently on hiatus.


GetOut!GetOut! Push Your Boundaries

Get Out! Push Your Boundaries was a pilot program of the City of Vancouver’s Social Policy Division, its Office of Cultural Services and the Vancouver Park Board to get youth more active in arts and culture, sports and physical recreation, and in their communities. It ran from 2004 to 2006.

The goal was to enhance the long-term health, resilience and well-being of young people in the city. GetOut! gave out grants to youth and to community organizations, launched new youth recreation programs, worked with Youth Action Teams around the city to develop innovative new programs, and helped out with research, development, evaluation and networking.

During its pilot, GetOut! developed and/or supported over 70 different projects, programs and initiatives – involving over 1,500 young people from diverse communities. Some very important lessons about engaging less-active youth were learned and some important community networks were created.

The Get Out! pilot program included:

  • A grants program with two streams, one for youth and the other for organizations partnering with youth, to implement projects that get youth more active

  • New youth recreation programs in community centres

  • GetOut! Youth Action Teams – groups of young people around the city, working together with the help of trained GetOut! facilitators, to research, design and carry out special projects and programs for youth in their communities

  • The GetOut! Ideas Factory, an in-house participatory research & development department, that also carried out administrative work like documentation & evaluation, to support reaching GetOut!'s goals