Aunt Leah’s Society (ALS)


675 SE Marine Drive Aunt Leah's Thrift Store & Training Programs Office
Vancouver, BC V5X 2T5
Phone: 604.264.7238


Aunt Leah’s Society was established in July 1988. Gale Stewart, Executive Director, was a foster parent who knew that there was a need for extra support for youth who were approaching their 19th birthday and leaving government care. They weren’t always ready for independent living. Aunt Leah’s has three main services:

Housing for Youth and Single Mothers
Aunt Leah’s provides apartments (basement suites) for youth (under 19) who are in Government care. There is an overseer living in their own suite upstairs who is there for the youth in case of emergency. Each youth has an Aunt Leah’s Support Worker who helps them with a variety of needs, including job and lifeskills training. Aunt Leah’s also provides housing for single adult mothers, who need help meeting their own needs and their babies needs.

Job Training for Work in Restaurants, Cafes and Retail
Aunt Leah’s helps with preparing resumes, learning interview skills and finding jobs. We also offer the opportunity to learn job skills for finding employment in retail stores, restaurants and cafes.

LifeSkills Training – Basic Life Management Skills
Everything you would need to teach your child to prepare them for living on their own, such as banking and budgeting, health care, laundry, cleaning, shopping & cooking.

We also offer a variety of programs click here to learn more about them.

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