Access to Media Education Society (AMES)


Email Address:
141 Sturdies Bay Road
Galiano Island, BC V0N 1P0
Phone: 250.539.5904


The Access to Media Education Society (AMES) is a registered non-profit dedicated to helping people cultivate individual, group and mass communications skills. As a grassroots community-driven organization, AMES draws its strength from the people who devote their creative vision, inspiration and hard work to it.

Since our inception in 1996, over 400 "multi-barriered" youth have created a total of 150 short films, videos, public service announcements (PSAs) during our programs. These films have been broadcast on television, and appeared at film festivals and special screenings around the world. Some of these videos have even been become the center-pieces of a comprehensive series youth-created educational packages that are currently being used in classrooms across British Columbia.

AMES' mission is to fulfill its Statement of Purpose by:

* providing broad-based and subsidized access to media training & technology
* collaborating with other organizations to design and deliver community-based media programming
* promoting media literacy & ethically-responsible image production
* providing hands-on opportunities for people to use video as a tool for education and self-advocacy
* circulating student productions within a range of public areas

For more information on specific programs visit our website.