ACCESS - Aboriginal Community Career Employment Services Society


Elaine Clare - Program Officer


The Aboriginal Community Career Employment Services Society provides employment and training services for the Aboriginal community to compete in today's work place. We deliver a unique and diverse assortment of education, training, counseling, support and financial services designed to help members of the urban Aboriginal community overcome barriers that may stand in the way of success and self-sufficiency. We develop partnerships with organizations and companies that match their needs to the needs of our Aboriginal clients creating a win, win situation for both partners.

We provide summer student employment programs for secondary and post-secondary aboriginal students between the ages of 15-35 residing in the Greater Vancouver Regional District and for those living off reserve. The program’s objective is to provide students with meaningful work experience in areas related to their career path and to give them a first-hand understanding of work ethics and professionalism.

Our programs are open to all aboriginal people all ages from youth to older workers. We look at your skills and interests and help create an action plan for building your future.

For convenience and ease of access, we have various locations throughout Metro Vancouver including Surrey, New Westminster, Downtown East Side, the Vancouver Friendship Centre and our Administration office and Trades office in West Vancouver.

For more information please visit our website.