Take a break from PokemonGo to play the Water Wise Game Challenge


From a drop in a cloud to a drip from your tap – the water that comes out of the hose in your yard doesn’t just fall from the sky! The journey of our treated drinking water, and what can be done in your yard or garden to help be water wise every day, is explored and illustrated in the City of Vancouver’s newly released online game that isn’t just for kids: the Water Wise Challenge. 

Designed by local Vancouver digital agency, Hangar18, the game takes players through a to-do list of nine outdoor yard and garden activities, guiding the user through every-day choices and highlighting what small actions can make their outdoor routines more water wise. 

The game is accompanied by a video that takes the player on the journey of a drop of water falling from the sky, travelling through our system for treating drinking water, and ending up in a yard. Once complete, players can share their favourite water wise tip through social media. 

The game requires no downloads, and can be played on any desktop or portable device such as an iPhone or Android.

Being water wise every day in every way ensures that our tap water is used only for what it is needed for most: for drinking, cooking and cleaning. This behaviour is important all year long, and even when the region does not need to activate its drought protocol. The City also has a goal to reduce per capita water use by 33% over 2007 levels by 2020 as part of the Greenest City Action Plan. 

So let us know, do you know how long you should leave your grass when you cut it? Or how much lemonade to drink at the end of the day? Play the game today at: