Accessible Education Association


Vicky Wang
Email Address:
Vancouver, BC


The Accessible Education Association is a youth-run, non-profit organization that promotes open education. Our goal is to provide educational supplies such as stationery, textbooks and novels to children and youth in deprived places. We operate in both British Columbia and Ontario, and both of our branches have put in hours to achieve our goals.

Our first project is to deliver educational resources to kids in Tanzania and India. The AEA team is looking to expand to more countries in Africa and other continents; we want to help anywhere we can.

We believe that encouraging the creative parts of a child’s brain is just as important as academic knowledge. AEA will also send over a collection of picture books, novels and other forms of literature in the hopes of starting a community library within the district. We hope that the eclectic collection of English books will aid in the students’ journey to mastering the language. Teachers will be able to use funds to purchase materials for their students. We hope that by donating textbooks, children who do not attend school will have the opportunity to self-study while continuing to help their families.

Our goal is not only to increase awareness and raise funds, but also to encourage youth leadership. We hope to show our peers that we are all able to take initiative and make a difference. The AEA is always looking for opportunities to expand and encourages our peers to get involved.