Disabling Ableism: Erina Park at TEDxKids@BC


Often called on to taste-test homemade food products, Erina spends her life casually munching on snacks night and day. However, after catching a napkin on fire a couple years back, she has sworn an oath to never involve herself in cooking.
But although she doesn't cook Erina has dedicated countless hours working with people of all ages to make the community a more welcoming place.



After taking a Social Justice course, Erina has learned about the importance of promoting inclusiveness no matter ability or disability. With her passion behind inclusiveness she hopes to help spread empathy and understanding among individuals who are not usually seen. Erina's talk was delivered on October 26, 2013 at TEDXKids@BC 2013.



The mission of TEDxKids@BC is to help create a world in which the kids have been invited to explore their passions and to contribute in realizing such a world for the youth in our community. To accomplish this, we're trying to build platform for facilitating opportunities to empower kids and help them apply their passions. Find out more at http://www.tedxkidsbc.com