citizenU - Youth Project - Umoja Anti-Homophobia Awareness Video

Umoja, in collaboration with Leave Out Violence (LOVE) and CitizenU, produced an anti-homophobia awareness film in March 2012. A basketball player named Derek comes out of the closet, and experiences backlash from his peers. This video focuses on the different aspects of homophobic bullying such as exclusion, name-calling, and physical abuse. Many LGBT youth in our schools and communities experience these kinds of discrimination day after day. However, there are many other incidents of acceptance and resources that are available in our communities as well. After watching this video, we hope that you will have an understand how pertinent homophobia is in our society and gain acceptance towards the LGBT peoples. In addition, we would like you to think about what you would do if you found out someone you know was LGBT or how you would increase diversity and acceptance in our community. We hope you will enjoy the video.