British Columbia Model United Nations (BCMUN)


Anjan Katta
Email Address:
2462 Edgar Cresent
Vancouver , BC V6L 2G4
Phone: 604-561-9537


British Columbia Model United Nations or BCMUN (formally BCMUN Association or BCMUNA) was founded in 2009 by a high school student, Anjan Katta, in British Columbia, Canada, in the hopes of providing Model United Nations opportunities to all the youth of BC.

Model UN is a simulation of the procedure and workings of the UN, bringing together groups of motivated youth to come up with a common solution to the world’s biggest problems. These youth meet in a conference held on the weekend. It fosters much needed public speaking and debating skills, while creating a global and social awareness for the delegates, hopefully continued in their communities.

The problem is that MUN is extremely expensive (in the hundreds of dollars for just a weekend conference) and is held primarily in only the Greater Vancouver Area. Sadly, this leaves many of the youth of BC incapable of attending the conferences.

In solution, BCMUN has strived to hold MUN conferences in communities across BC, with our motto as “accessible, accommodating, and affordable ” MUN opportunities. We wanted MUN to be something every youth could attend and learn from, no matter their background. We elect leaders in each community, educate them from head to toe on MUN, and help them hold a conference for the local youth. We aim for sustainability, with the conferences continuing for years down the road.

Since it’s founding, BCMUN has given MUN opportunities to hundreds of kids across BC, and is always trying to for more. Whatever profit is made from the conferences, staying true to our mission of empowerment, is donated to charities that empower individuals.