citizenU - Goals

What does citizenU hope to achieve?

citizenU hopes to result in the following…

  • 2,000 young community leaders trained in anti-racism, anti-discrimination & intercultural relations who will continue to address racism, discrimination and bullying in their communities beyond the project
  • 2,000 family & community members involved as project participants resulting in stronger relationships between Vancouver’s cultural communities
  • Models and good practice of engaging youth from diverse communities in these efforts that will inform policy & practice within the City & within partner organizations
  • Anti-racism, anti-discrimination, anti-bullying & intercultural community-building curricula that will continue to be used by Vancouver schools & community organizations beyond the project
  • An estimated 24 youth-driven projects designed & delivered to address racism, discrimination and bullying in schools, organizations and neighbourhoods. 

And, have the following longer-term effects…

  • Decreased incidences of racism, discrimination and bullying
  • Increased resiliency among participating youth against gang recruitment, violence & addictions
  • Enhanced relationships between the City, community organizations & more marginalized cultural communities
  • Greater & more culturally diverse engagement in municipal government and community organizations
  • Greater collaboration among City departments (CSG, Parks, VPD, Library) between the City and community youth leadership programs, cultural organizations & Vancouver Board of Education programs on Anti-racism, Anti-Discrimination & Intercultural Community Building

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For an interim report of our progress toward these goals, please click here.