citizenU - What is Action Research?


The City of Vancouver is working with the Vancouver Board of Education, Vancouver Park Board, Vancouver Public Library, other government agencies, community organizations, youth and their families on a citywide Action Research Initiative called citizenU.

citizenU aims to create an even safer, stronger and more inclusive Vancouver by tackling racism, discrimination and bullying head-on on all fronts (discrimination based on ability, age, citizenship, culture, ethnicity, faith, gender, health, language, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic circumstances, and/or social groupings) and by striving to build stronger, more positive relationships among our diverse communities.

The Project is meant to build on, or feed into, other programs such as YouthPolitik, the First Nations/Urban Aboriginal/Immigrant Communities Dialogues, and the many other Anti-Discrimination and Youth Leadership Development programs in Vancouver.

The initiative is funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Action Research?

By being part of this Action Research Initiative, participating youth (and their families), Action Research Host Organizations and other citizenU partners will learn & innovate together while doing.

The experiences and reflections of those involved will inform and influence the development of policies and practices within the City, within partner organizations and within the community - to address racism, bullying and all forms discrimination in Vancouver, and to build community across cultures, subcultures, faiths & generations.

So, citizenU aims to create the fertile ground for this collaboration. In particular, we hope to work together and innovate on 3 fronts:

  1. Collaboratively develop and refine training curricula, resources and tools for young leaders (and their families) to address issues of racism, discrimination and bullying in their schools, organizations and communities. This will involve adapting these curricula, resources and tools to a variety of learning and training environments over the course of the initiative.
  2. Collaboratively develop policies, approaches, strategies and practices to address racism, discrimination and bullying within organizations, programs, services and citywide.
  3. Collaboratively support youth participants as they identify, develop and try out community projects in response and/or to prevent racism, discrimination and bullying in their schools, organizations and communities.